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Technology is Changing the Practice of Law

Technology is Changing the Practice of Law

TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING THE PRACTICE OF LAW The new era Advancements in technology are reshaping our world. By analysing the needs of people living in this era, we invent new products and services every day to meet those needs and constantly question how to improve our...

Will technology reshape the legal industry?

Will technology reshape the legal industry?

WILL TECHNOLOGY RESHAPE THE LEGAL INDUSTRY?Advancements in technology Access to justice and our legal system is far from efficient, and there are great opportunities for offering legal services in new, less costly, more client-friendly ways. By analysing the needs of... expanding Communities expanding Communities

LEGAL.MU EXPANDING Is an innovative online legal platform for citizens to access legal information that is easily understandable. We facilitate citizens selecting barristers based on their specific areas of law, work experience and reviews. Online...

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