Pro Bono

Pro-Bono means“the offering of free services”

Engaging in pro bono work can benefit you with practical experience and a chance to see how lawyers operate in the real world.

While Law school courses are often academic and theoretical, pro bono service allows you to be in touch with individuals and organizations struggling with real-life issues and challenges. It can be both refreshing and inspiring to leave the books behind and spend a
few hours doing something for the benefit of others.


With Privilege Comes Responsibility.

Law students are privileged to have the educational opportunity to acquire legal training and to develop corresponding skills and abilities.

These skills include the ability to problem-solve, strategize, conduct legal research and factual investigations, think logically, write, and speak well. Putting these skills to work for the benefit of others. Lawyers—and by extension, law students—have a unique set of skills and knowledge that can be used to expand access to justice for those who might not otherwise have it.

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