Career Paths

PATHS: Attorneys, Barristers and Notaries 
COURSE: Law Practitioners Vocational Course (LPVC Course)
COURSE PROVIDER: Council For Vocational Legal Education
LOCATION: Mauritius, University of Mauritius (UOM)

The Mauritian Bar Course is called the Law Practitioners Vocational Course (LPVC) and is delivered by the University of Mauritius.

The University of Mauritius (UOM) is the only provider of the LPVC course; you have to apply to the Council for Vocational and Legal Education (CVLE) to sit for exams.


  • The admission process is processed by the UOM between November and December of
    each year.
  • The application is made online through the UOM Enrollment System.
  • The minimum requirement to apply is a Bachelor of Laws, LL.B(Hons) with at least a Second Class Second Division degree.


  • A Payment of MUR 120,000.00 (Subject to change yearly) to the UOM for the LPVC Course;
  • a Certificate of Attendance if you have more than 80% of Attendance around mid-July;
  • A payment of MUR 10,000.00 to the CVLE must be made alongside your Certificate of Attendance so you may secure a seat for the exams, which shall then take place at a prescribed location.

Law Practitioners Vocational Course (LPVC Course)

I)FOUNDATION (Attorneys, Barristers and Notaries)

  • Introduction to Mauritian Law
  • Criminal Law: Practical aspects
  • Droit Civil Approfondi

(ii) ADVANCED (Attorneys and Barristers)

  • Administrative and Constitutional Law
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Civil Procedure
  • Commercial and Business Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Family Law

(iii)ADVANCED (Notaries)

  • Commercial and Business Law
  • Civil Procedure (Notaries)
  • Practical aspects of Family Law
  • Practical aspects of the Law of Immovable Property
  • Revenue and Taxation Laws

(iv)PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE (Attorneys and Barristers)

  • Conferencing
  • Drafting of Legal Documents
  • Ethics
  • Opinion Writing
  • Advocacy


  • Conferencing
  • Drafting of Legal Documents
  • Ethics
  • Opinion Writing
  • Rédaction des Actes
  • Responsabilité Notariale
  • Tenue de l’Office Notariale


  • Usually scheduled for September;
  • Consist of 7 papers;
  • the exams run consecutively (no day off between exams);
  • and the last exams are usually the Advocacy exams made in the Supreme Court


  • You will need to secure at least a ‘B’ in each subject;
  • If you get a ‘C’, you may ask the CVLE for exemptions (not to retake the LPVC
  • If you get a lower grade than C, you will have to retake the LPVC course (Rs 120k)
    and retake the whole bar exam (Rs10k).


  • Each time you fail, you will have to retake the course and resit for exams (starting
  • If you fail two modules, there is no resit; thus, you will have to retake the whole

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