Admission Process.


As you conclude your choice on the list of universities, you submit your application through UCAS.

This is how you complete your UCAS LAW application :

1.Register with UCAS by creating a username and password

2.Fill in your personal details and any additional information.

3.Check if the LNAT is required for the university of your choice.

4.You can then select up to five universities.

5.You complete the education and employment history form. Remember that the employment history section should only include details of any paid jobs you had. Any voluntary work, like pro-bono, should go in your personal statement.

6.Upload your personal statement. A personal statement supports your application to study at your chosen university. It is an opportunity to express why you would like to learn a particular course or subject. You can show what skills and experience you have that show your passion for your chosen field.

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